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As part of its advocacy mandate, the Centre for Healthy Aging has joined the National Best Medicines Coalition (BMC), an alliance of non-profit health or disease-related and consumer organizations that promote education, care, research and consumer-focused advocacy and health policy for millions of Canadians living or dealing with chronic disease. BMC currently has 14 official organization members and several affiliated organizations.

‘Best Medicines’ refers to the timely access by individuals living with chronic diseases/conditions to the best treatment and therapies, including drugs/medications, medical devices to test and administer specified doses of medication, alternative therapies, and other therapeutics which are needed to prevent complications and sustain health, well-being, and quality of life.

The Mission of the BMC is ‘commitment to people-centred access to best medicines for all Canadians’. Its goals are to:

  • Accelerate reform of Canada’s drug safety and review system
  • Advocate for timely and consistent access to best medicines for all Canadians
  • Promote a culture of innovation and excellence in research and development
  • Encourage active participation of citizens in all aspects of decision-making in access to best medicines
  • Develop and support an ethical framework for partnership between the Best Medicines Coalition, the private sector and government.