About Providence
  OUR APPROACH  |  Mandate + Unique History

The Centre for Healthy Aging at Providence was designed to meet the challenges of an aging society. The vision of CHAP is to promote healthy aging and help meet the health needs of both adults who live in the community and in a hospital setting.

Our Mandate includes :

  1. Playing a leadership role in stimulating system change to improve health outcomes
  2. Conducting aging related research focusing on systems and clinical research
  3. Influencing health policy and advocating for change


A Virtual Network

CHAP is a vehicle for developing and fostering collaborative working relationships between hospitals, universities, community service providers and groups representing elders who share an interest and expertise in the health care needs of older adults. These partnerships blend complementary skills and inspire a shared vision among different organizations. Our vision is to continue this tradition by functioning as a dynamic, evolving network. We are eager to develop further partnerships and linkages with other stakeholders in British Columbia.