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Sherin Rahim-Jamal

Sherin Rahim-Jamal is the Leader for the Centres of Innovation at Providence Health Care, which include Centre for Healthy Aging at Providence (CHAP) and the Centre for Practitioner Renewal (CPR). She has more than 15 years of experience in health care planning, community development, research and management.  After receiving a Master of Science in Health Services Planning and Administration from the University of British Columbia, she served as a Director of Planning and Development at Cooperative University-Provincial Psychiatric Liaison (CUPPL) in the Faculty of Medicine there, before taking on positions as a Research Associate, Research Coordinator and Senior Researcher in the Centre for Health Services and Policy Research.  In 2005, Sherin joined the Centre for Healthy Aging at Providence Health Care as a Project Specialist.  In that position she facilitated research, policy and planning initiatives and implemented project plans across Providence Health Care and other relevant parts of the health care system.

Sherin can be contacted at srahimjamal@providencehealth.bc.ca or
604-682-2344 ext 64018.

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Dr. Sharon Koehn

Dr. Koehn is a Research Associate at the Centre for Healthy Aging and holds academic positions at Simon Fraser University and the University of British Columbia. The primary focus of her work has been on the constructions of health, illness and health care provision and on organizational barriers and solutions to health care access for ethnocultural minority older adults. Dr. Koehn has nonetheless applied her action-oriented qualitative research skills to the investigation of the social and cultural dimensions of health among all seniors. For example, at CHAP, she has also examined the effects of physical and social environments on challenging behaviours of cognitively impaired residents in long-term care. She has worked with a wide array of inter-disciplinary as well as community-based partners and now co-leads, with Dr. Karen Kobayashi (University of Victoria), the intersectoral ‘Immigrant Older Adults: Care, Accessibility, Research and Empowerment’ (ICARE) team. This team is concerned with chronic disease and mental health and takes an intersectionality approach to all of its work. Fundamental to their knowledge translation efforts is the understanding that health literacy is central to health care access, particularly for older adults. Dr. Koehn has also been working with national teams to understand the pathways to a diagnosis of dementia experienced by elders from different ethnocultural groups and to conduct an extensive scoping review of the published and grey literature on the health and health care access of ethnocultural minority older adults in Canada. Over the next five years, she will focus on research with immigrant older adults in five domains: mental health, chronic disease self-management supports, elder abuse, dementia and quality of life.

Dr. Koehn can be contacted by email at skoehn@providencehealth.bc.ca or skoehn@sfu.ca

or by phone 778-782-9467. 

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Ms. Anna Haliakova, Secretary

Anna is the Secretary for the Centre for Healthy Aging at Providence. Her role is instrumental in scheduling meetings and supporting the team to move forward on a number of projects and initiatives. Anna has been with Providence Health Care since April 2008.

Anna can be contacted by phone at 604-806-8360 or by email at chap@providencehealth.bc.ca

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