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CAMPUS OF CARE  |  Integrated Neighbourhood Network (INN's)

                                                (formerly Virual Campus)



A campus of care model that promotes aging in place is an important part of healthy aging. Integrated Neighbourhood Networks (INNs), formerly known as Virtual Campuses, expand the campus concept to larger community areas and enhance the role of non-health services in promoting continuity of care and aging in place.

CHAP’s work in conceptualizing the INN model for Vancouver Coastal Health has led to a unique framework that enables Health Service Delivery Areas to design INNs that have increased capacity through partnerships with non-health agencies/organizations to provide a continuum of services, seamless care, and good linkages; ultimately leading to a reduction or delay in the need for high intensity services and enabling seniors to remain independent and age in place in their community.

Vancouver Coastal Health is currently piloting this innovative framework in one of its Health Service Delivery Areas.

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Sherin Rahim-Jamal
Phone: 604.876-7112 @ 600
Email: srahimjamal@providencehealth.bc.ca

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