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The need for Medical Directors in long term care (LTC) was established in North America during the 1970s to improve physician participation in resident care and enhance the quality of care being delivered in LTC. Despite the introduction of this role over thirty years ago, there is significant variation between functions and responsibilities for Medical Directors at LTC sites across Canada.

The Centre for Healthy Aging at Providence, in collaboration with the Long Term Care Medical Directors Association of Canada, embarked on a project to develop a role description for Medical Directors in LTC that could serve as a standard template across Canada and that would provide a common understanding of the purpose, scope and breadth of a Medical Director’s role in Canadian LTC facilities. The resulting role description was developed with feedback from LTC Administrators, Directors of Care, and Medical Directors from LTC sites across the country.

To review the role description and accompanying report, please click on the link below.

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PDF of Report (422kb)

PDF of Role Description (213kb)