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  Advocacy: an important step towards change for the better.


When a cause is important, it needs a champion. When the Centre for Healthy Aging at Providence became acutely aware of the need for reform in primary care, they tackled the issue head on. With hard work and determination, they successfully sought funding to implement an initiative to develop a new model of physician care at six long-term care sites to improve the care delivery process and access to physician care.

In partnership with other groups at Providence, including the Elder Care Program and the Department of Family Practice, the project aimed to improve current systems by making the best use of physicians' time and by making the work environment as stimulating and professionally rewarding as possible. Objectives included developing an innovative family practice network to address the challenges of recruiting, retaining and effectively organizing family physicians.  

Ultimately, the project seeks to reduce emergency department visits and acute care admissions, and more effectively manage chronic diseases among the frail elderly. Expected to be complete by 2006, the project is also exploring an alternate funding model for physicians with the Ministry of Health Services and Vancouver Coastal Health.

Helping seniors to obtain excellent primary care: it's a cause worth advocating for.