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Ethno-cultural older adults:  A Canadian diversity story. Presentation by Sharon Koehn, Sheila Neysmith & Karen Kobayashi at the 40th ASEM of the Canadian Association on Gerontology, Ottawa, Oct 23 2011 [view]

Information Briefing Note to accompany Just Scratching the Surface report on community supports for Punjabi Seniors Wellness (ICARE-October 2011)


ICARE Flyer – list of all ICARE reports – 2009-2011 [view]

Jarvis, P., Koehn, S., Bains, S., Cheema, J., Goudiraan, D., & Addison, M. (2011). "Just scratching the surface": Mental health promotion for Punjabi seniors (forums)—final report. Vancouver, BC: Centre for Healthy Aging at Providence Health Care (CHAP). [view]

Koehn, S., McCleary, L., Garcia, L., Spence, M., Jarvis, P., Drummond, (2011 on-line). Understanding Chinese–Canadian pathways to a diagnosis of dementia through a critical-constructionist lens. Journal of Aging Studies. Available online at: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0890406511000600 [08/16/11]

Sharon Koehn, Pavlina Jarvis (CHAP) & Karen Kobayashi (UVIC), July 12, 2011: Taking Care of Chronic Disease

Final Report [view]

Executive Summary Only [view]

Appendix D - combined panel presentations [view]

Briefing Note [view]

Promises, promises: Cultural & legal dimensions of sponsorship for immigrant seniors [view]

Melanie Spence, Amy Nagatani & S. Koehn: Self-Management Support for Ethnocultural Minority Older Adults (EMOA): Annotated Bibliography 

Full Report [view]

Annotated Bibliography - Executive Summary Only [view]

CHAP @ CGS 31st Annual Scientific   Meeting (Apr 14-16) in Vancouver, BC Dr. J. Kozak, Dr. A. Mithani & S. Rahim-Jamal 

Adverse Drug Events in LTC [view poster]   Medication Review in LTC [view poster]

S. Koehn, CHAP in New Orleans

Check out our presentations made at the 2010 Gerontological Society of America meetings in New Orleans, La. (Nov 19-23)

Leonard Presentation [view]

Chinese Canadian Pathways [view]

Scoping Review Poster [view]

Scoping Poster Handout [view]

S. Koehn, Chinese-Canadian Pathways to a Diagnosis of Dementia in Metro Vancouver: Exploring intersections between culture, social determinants of health, and system barriers. A Public Lecture for SFU's Department of Gerontology and the Gerontology Research Centre, Feb 4th, 2011


S. Koehn, CHAP at the 2nd Conference on Positive Aging, Vancouver, BC

'Immigrant Older Adults: Care, Accessibility, Research, Empowerment' (ICARE) team [view]

Sarte, A., Rahim-Jamal, S., Kozak, J., Barroetavena, M.C., Bodell, K., Leis, A., & Gallagher, R. “Exploring complementary and alternative medicine use by patients in residential hospice care in British Columbia,” poster presentation at the 18th International Congress on Palliative Care, 2010, Montreal, QC.

Poster [pdf]

The Development of Standardized Protocol for Medication Review in LTC Facilities poster presented at Wonca Conference, Cancun May 2010 – Dr. Akber Mithani, Dr. Jean Kozak, Dr. Eleanor Alzona, Sherin Rahim-Jamal, MSc

BCHPCA Annual Conference, May 14, 2010 - Lessons Learned from a Pilot Study on Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM) Use by Lower Mainland Hospice Patients, Sherin Rahim-Jamal, Kathy Bodell, Ann Sarte

Presentation [pdf]

Scoping Review Team presentation to Vancouver Cross Cultural Seniors Network -Health of Ethnocultural Minority Older Adults (co-PIs J.Kozak and S.Koehn) May 10th, 2010
Presentation [pdf]

Koehn et al., CAG 2009 Symposium: A gendered approach to studying the health and health care access of racialized older adults in Canada
Presentation [pdf]

References [pdf]

S. Koehn, J. Kozak, E. Drance - The Interactive Effects of Personal, Social and Physical Environmental Factors on the Dining Experience of Cognitively Impaired Residents in Long Term Care, CAG 2009

Presentation [pdf]

References [pdf]

Koehn et al. CAG 2009 poster: Chinese-Canadian Pathways to a Diagnosis of Dementia in Metro Vancouver

ICARE (Immigrant Older Women Care Accessibility Research Empowerment) Forum, "Knowledge. Power. Access." - September 23, 2009 by Melanie Spence, Dr. Sharon Koehn & Karen Kobayashi

Negotiating Access to Care: Ethnocultural Minority Older Adults in Greater Vancouver. Presentation by Sharon Koehn, Ph.D. Ethnocultural Minority Older Adults in Greater Vancouver. Presentation by Sharon Koehn, Ph.D. e

5th Annual Leadership Program for Medical Directors in Long Term Care

Brief to Special Senate Committee on Aging: Second Interim Report by Dr. Sharon Koehn, CHAP

Speaking to the iNterface. A Symposium on Access to Health Care for Ethnic Minority Seniors – Sharon Koehn, Louisa Cameron & Susan Kehoe, June 2007 [view]

Establishing Candidacy for Health Care: Ethnic Minority Seniors in Vancouver, June 3, 2008 - by S. Koehn

Exploring Pathways to Dementia Diagnosis Across Cultures

Role of the Medical Director in Long Term care

Role of Medical Directors in LTC

Management of Challenging Behaviours Through Physical and Social Environmental Design among Residents With Dementia:  Changing Lives Today

Adverse Drug Reactions in Residential Care - A Pilot Study

A Scoping Review and Research Synthesis of the Organisation and Delivery of Oral Healthcare in Long-Term Care Facilities

CHAP awarded grant to support cross-diciplinary and cross organizational research

CHAP awarded CPSI grant to examine the prevalence of adverse events among frail seniors in residential care

Creating a Regional Vision for Campus of Care

The Elders Eye Health Initiative

Director of Research

A One-of-a-Kind Geriatric Dentistry Service

Primary Care System Review: Changing Acuity in Residential Care

Primary Care Reform in Residential Care

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