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CHAP awarded grant to support cross-diciplinary and cross organizational research


The Centre For Healthy Aging at Providence (CHAP) in cooperation with the BC Ministry of Health, all five Health Authorities across the province, and other partners at the University of British Columbia and the Centre for Aging (University of Victoria) has recently been awarded one of five grants to support cross disciplinary and cross organizational research.   In responding to applications for Investigative Team development proposals, Principal Investigator Dr. Jean Kozak, Research Director (CHAP), along with Co-Principal Investigator Ms. Nancy Rigg, Executive Director of the Community Care Network (VCH) formed a team of 15 key researchers and decision makers, representing the five Health Authorities, the Ministry of Health Services, The University of British Columbia and the University of Victoria, to create capacity for conducting health services research in Seniors and Community Care.  

This three-year grant worth $449,286 will support research infrastructure development in order to:

  • Develop capacity within B.C.'s Home and Community Care sector to measure, at a population level, transition in seniors' health and service provision.
  • Evaluate the effects of such transition on health outcomes, quality of life, service utilization, and service providers' work life.
  • Enhance B.C.'s Home and Community Care stakeholders' capacity to conduct health system research and use timely evidence based information in creating health policy.

By creating an enduring and sustainable collaborative team of decision makers, knowledge brokers and health care researchers the ability to manage the complex issues of senior's health issues will be enhanced. This capacity will extend across the entire province and encompass mental health, chronic disease management, human health resource planning, and the measurement of clinical outcomes, differential impacts of changes to health services (to clients and care providers) and client safety and quality of life.  

Now awarded, the development of new investigations and operational grant proposals by the team, along with other parties across the province (e.g. The University of Northern British Columbia, British Columbia Psychogeriatrics Association) will commence in the Fall of 2005.

In March 2003 the Government of British Columbia transferred $8 million dollars to the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research in order to support research that will improve the effectiveness of health care reforms taking place in British Columbia. Managed by the Health Services and Policy Research Support Network, the funds are being utilized to support innovation and build capacity within the province to undertake excellent health services and policy research, bringing together the academic research community with the Ministry of Health, the Health Authorities and the health service provider community.